They’re coming to get you!

They’re coming to get you…
Like a bad slasher movie, they keep coming back. I guess I get it. The tire business is pretty much ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ and competing with your supplier is standard operating procedure, but man do the big boys have guts, just putting it right out there for the world to see. Maybe they’re thinking the dealers can’t do it right, so they have to step in. Here’s the grim news: SOME of the tire manufacturers (all of the big 3) have the means to bypass you and go straight to your customer via mobile tire installation. They can sell the tires on their own websites and then send a van directly to the consumer. They’ve been testing the waters with pilot programs over and over. Here are some of the headlines:
TBC Tests Mobile Tire Installation in Markets – Dallas and West Palm Beach
Michelin Testing Mobile Tire Installation Program (Raleigh-Durham area)
Goodyear Testing Mobile Tire Installation in California and North Carolina
Bridgestone Testing Mobile Tire Unit in Nashville
Hmmmm, key takeaway: Are these boys afraid of getting cold? Send me to West Palm to supervise this in February. Notice something else? No one in Tier 2 is trying this? Are they more afraid of losing dealer support? Just wondering, do you Tier 1 dealers voice your opinions on this to your reps?

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