New Falkens. Finally.

Those crazy kids at Falken have been teasing us with spy shots of their new tires for almost two years. But now the wait is over. You’ve already heard about the new WildPeak A/T Trail for macho CUVs, now say hi to the ZIEX ZE960 A/S. It replaces the hot selling (but quick wearing) ZE950 high performance all-season line. The 960 carries the full suite of Falken’s new technologies to up the treadlife ante (65k mile warranty) and increase traction.

Short’s tire law states: Aggressive looks sell. You know guys that really need H/T tires end up with A/T tires? And people that should buy A/T tires really want R/T tires? And gals that R/T tires would do the job are happier with a set of M/Ts? Yes it’s a thing. Falken correctly read the market and sales soared when they came out with their AT3W. The M/T looking upper sidewall sold itself. The old H/T01 was just your basic mild mannered highway tire. I’ve had more than a few people say to me, “I need an H/T tire but I don’t want it to look wimpy, like a minivan tire.” Wanna sell way more? Put that AT3W shoulder on an all new super heavy duty H/T package and you have an instant winner. Falken’s Drew Howlett says, “We didn’t want to develop another typical highway terrain tire, we wanted to build a tire that could support the most powerful and capable trucks on the road today. That’s why all LT sizes of the H/T02 were rigorously tested and developed using the latest 3/4-ton diesel pickups. We pushed our heavy-duty construction to the limits, so as a testament to the H/T02’s toughness and durability, all LT-size offerings feature the ‘HD’ badge on the tire’s sidewall.” The WildPeak H/T02 comes with a 70,000-mile tread life warranty (50,000 miles for HD sizes) and Falken’s Road Hazard Protection. I believe this new look is going to move a lot of rubber. All that goodness plus Fanatic dealers will earn double rewards on all three new lines all through Q4.