More to Nexen Tire than you might think…

There’s your basic o.e. and then there’s
Ohhh – Eeeh!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re original equipment on the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Big whoop. Zzzzz.  But check out this NEXEN company. Earlier this year they announced they’d be supplying Porsche with tires for their hot-selling Macan model. Seems that some Porsche engineers were traveling around Korea on a fact finding trip and one said “Let’s try to set up a meet with NEXEN…” The meeting and R&D tour went on for hours and at the end of the day the Germans were so impressed with what they learned they agreed to cooperate on tires.
That’s neat. Big name sports car company and all, but… – WE LOVE AMERICAN MUSCLE, right? The December cover of HOT ROD magazine features the new Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320. The number 1320? That’s how many feet are in a quarter of a mile of course. Yes, this is a new take on the classic factory drag car. 392 HEMI making 485 hp, Line Lock, TransBrake, and modern launch control are all on board. What’s putting the power to the pavement? Yep, NEXEN cooked up new drag radials called SUR4G Drag Spec. They even have knurled bead seats to minimize tire on rim slippage. These tires won’t lead an easy life. Their job is to launch this two-ton monster to 11.70s in the quarter mile. How did NEXEN get tipped for this gig? Hint: their Tire Tech Center in Richfield Ohio is only 170 miles from Detroit. You can bet there are some real gearheads there in addition to the folks that engineer tires for more run of the mill O.E. There is way more going on at NEXEN than most people think….

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