Where is my @#%&! credit?

Does your distributor expect you to wait endlessly for adjustment or return credits? Really......?

We know you can’t leave your customers hanging when it comes to a return or adjustment. So we created a system to expedite your credits to keep your business running smoothly. When you return a new tire, the credit is typically issued the next day. And for adjustments, our goal is to issue your credit in less than 3 days.

Our staff is trained by the manufacturers on grading adjustments, and year after year we have improved our accuracy. So you can count on us to process your returns quickly and accurately.

I sent a set of tires back to K&W for an adjustment claim on a Friday morning. On Monday, my customer was calling to see if they'd be receiving any credit, so I called K&W to ask if they could check on them. Much to my surprise, the adjustment had already been processed and the credit was on my account. This type of thing makes my life easier and doesn't really happen anywhere else."

Scott Rupprecht, K&K Tires, Linthicum Heights MD

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