They're not what you're used to.

Meet our Business Development Managers (BDM's) who are here to help develop your business

Their job is not to bring you donuts, discuss last night's game, hand you a "specials" flyer, or otherwise waste your valuable time; but to help you with business concerns (although you might get some surprises and they are fun to talk to...).

Our folks are tasked with bringing real solutions to help drive customers to you. Each of our BDM's bring a unique talent to the team, and they know there is more to sales than just selling.

Please take a moment to meet them!


Leslie Putnam, MA and RI Area

Born in Fayetteville, NC, Leslie was raised in Connecticut and is our Business Development Manager for our Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers. She has been with us since Fall 2012 and was previously a regional director for a paramedical company, which means she brings a special skill set to the tire sales world. She has a strong knack for assisting customers in a way unlike most sales people do in the tire world.
Interesting side notes about Leslie... she practices a ‘catch and release’ system in her house when it comes to bugs (can’t squash ‘em...) and, like most of us, loves her bread and cheese... Leslie is an incredible addition to the K&W sales staff!

Maria Caporale, CT Area

Maria joins us from the corporate world, working with financial advisors from around the country; assisting them to increase their sales, providing marketing solutions and increasing awareness of their company within their community. This makes her a unique asset to our company and to our customers. Matter of fact, she is a born and bred Connecticut girl. When not at work Maria can be found in the boxing ring, playing tennis, or shopping at Home Depot and Chanel. We are proud to have Maria as a BDM, and if you are in the CT area, keep an eye out for her.



Christina Miesner, Central PA Area

Christina loaded up a U-Haul and moved halfway across the country to join us. Christina is from the St. Louis area, and spent 8 years managing the Cooper Medallion Program, which has definitely come in handy here at K&W. She has a strong customer service background and is ready to help our customers achieve their business goals. In her spare time you will catch her playing volleyball, hiking and mountain biking. She is a huge fan of all music, so when you see her pulling up at your business she is probably rocking out in her car!


Jasmine Tome, DC, MD, VA, WV Area

Jasmine comes to us from the dental supply sales world. She enjoys being an asset to her customers, and looks forward to helping them with their sales and marketing strategies. Her dream trip would be an African safari while listing to Toto’s "Africa" on a loop, sipping a bourbon on the rocks and eating steak and guacamole. She is also a master at teaching her nephews the fun stuff their parents won’t, a champion of capture the flag, a hide and seek legend, an aficionado of nachos, a professional amateur chef, and, last but not least, an accomplished snowball battler.

Jeff Short, VP of Sales

And last but not least... As the VP of Sales, Jeff has a big responsibility; not only does he need to be the driving force and inspiration behind our sales people, but he needs to be in charge of himself (which is a TALL order...). After spending 4 years serving his country in the U.S. Air Force, Jeff came back to Lancaster and began his career in the car/tire business, and has now been with us for 30 years. He claims his favorite food is scrapple, but considering he was born in Baltimore, we find that hard to believe.

When he is not at work he is restoring vintage racing karts, at the shooting range, cleaning his pristine garage or taking his wife and two grown sons to see Social Distortion. Jeff has an enormous amount of knowledge about tires and the tire business; he also has an enormous amount of knowledge about useless trivia. Jeff is an interesting character, but that is why we love him.


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