You got your tires... Then what?

Our customers tell us that we go the extra mile for them

We take care of our customers (or as we like to call them, friends...) Period. That's just good business. But our employees many times go above and beyond to help our partners when they can. But, don't take our word for it...

K&W has been a great asset in growing and assisting me with my business. Their delivery is professional and consistent and I rarely have inventory issues. They designed a brand new logo for me, cleaned up my website, and got a new sign for out front of my building. Even my waiting area has been freshened up with new signs, rugs, and custom product brochures. I am very happy I chose to do business with them!

Chris Fedora, Integrity Tire & Auto Repair, Falls Church VA

We have been holding a tire sale once a year for over 20 years. For the last few years we have relied on K&W to help us with getting product, and the marketing and promotion of it. They have helped us with getting the giveaways created and ready, made ads for the local paper, and helped with signage on and around the building to let people know it was sale time! Knowing we can count on them to help every year has alleviated some of the stress that goes along with this event!

Barry Martin, Blue Ball Garage, Blue Ball PA

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