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K&W is devoted to your success, that is why we have an entire team of Marketing and Design staff on hand to help! Please check out our Marketing Site at

In 2019 K&W's Marketing Department assisted 217 dealers with over 1100 projects!! We want to add you to that list for 2020!

It means so much to me to have all of your help. My grandfather started this business in 1975 and wanted someone in the family to have it after he passed. I was lucky enough to be able to do it. It is a tough business as you know- the big companies are hard to compete with. Having people like you to get ideas and designs from will help a ton in getting more customers here so I can be successful. This place is a whole lot more to me than selling tires and that is why your help means so much to me. I am truly amazed at how helpful you are and how patient you are with all of my questions. It takes special people to help out the way you guys do and I am thankful to have your help!

Adam Sweigart - LS Tire, Reading PA

Without K&W my present marketing campaign/strategies would be impossible. Not only is it so much better than anything I could do myself, it has saved me countless hours and a ton of money. Over the last 5 years you guys have made me a new lighted road sign, flyers, mailers, ads, feather flags, hats, t-shirts, product brochures, decals for my road service trucks, and a new 65 anniversary logo. Being able to pick up the phone and make a 5 minute call to Jess or Brandy, and, knowing it will be handled quickly and professionally is ​why I will not buy from anyone else.

Randy Randlett, Weber Tire, Fairfax VA

Brandy, Jessica and Erik have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! The three of them are an unbelievable team...they know their stuff, they're fast, accurate, and just overall AWESOME!! In the few short months that they've been helping me, they've gotten me caught up on multiple marketing projects that I've been putting on the back burner because I don't personally have the time and/or skills to handle them and even though we have multiple marketing companies that we use for many different services (postcards, websites, Adwords, etc.), none of them have been smart enough to offer the services that K&W offers and even if they did, their staff and designers are nowhere close to the level of your team! Every project I have requested help with from K&W has been completed extremely fast and more importantly, with amazing accuracy! The first proof has been almost perfect every time...with just a few minor tweaks, it's ready to go which is not the norm with other companies...usually they totally miss the mark and have to go through multiple complete re-designs and even then, the end result is only mediocre...the K&W team nails it every time!! The service that K&W is providing to its customers by offering complimentary marketing and design services is by far the best example of "going the extra mile" that I have ever experienced in a business to business relationship!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to K&W for providing such an awesome service and to Brandy, Jessica, and Erik for doing such amazing work!!

Jason Malo, Advanced Auto, Uxbridge MA

Jessica London, Marketing Manager

When it comes to getting stuff done, there is nobody better than our Jess! Since joining us in 2011, we have continued to keep her busy; not only does she help manage all the marketing projects, she is admin support for all of our Associate Dealer Programs, a back-up in our call center, and the admin manager for TireVision! Jess loves spending time with her husband and 3 kids, planning her next Halloween and Christmas house decorations and helping others. She is a tremendous asset to us. Jess once said, "I just love helping people anyway that I can". Customers are frequently complimenting us on her awesomeness and ability to get things done at the speed of light.



Erik Heffelfinger, Graphic Designer

Erik is our latest addition to the Marketing department, and one we really appreciate having! He is a volunteer firefighter in Annville, a part-time gamer, and a caretaker for his mother. Erik wants to be a crazy cat lady when he grows up...

Thankfully Erik has a good sense of humor, since his two "older sisters", Jess and Brandy, like to have a little fun with him from time to time. We enjoy having Erik around though, if you ever have an opportunity to talk to him, please ask him what he had for lunch.

Brandy Seyfert, VP of Communication

Brandy is our international woman of mystery. She hails from the exotic, tropical land of Minneapolis, MN (but, for some reason LOVES the Green Bay Packers), two of her three kids were born in England while she was serving her country in the U.S. Air Force, and her husband is a NASA (non-rocket) scientist. We’re talking serious spy novel stuff here.

Brandy’s ‘cover’ identity is V.P. of Communication, but those on the inside know this isn’t her real mission at K&W. Brandy has found her true calling in helping our dealers with their marketing efforts. She excels in assisting them with getting their stories out to potential customers through websites, social media, special events, print advertising, and billboards... you name it - she’s worked on it. She loves when a customer call starts with, “Brandy, I need your help with...”

Brandy maintains her perfect tan by attending her sons sporting events, chasing her pain in the butt dog, and a little dose of new homeowner landscaping. She’s always there to help, and, if you deserve it, will even critique your wardrobe!


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