Back To Basics 1: Basic Tire Repair

Tire repairs have been a basic component of a tire dealer’s business ever since the beginning of the tire industry. Car owners could count on making a tire repair on nearly every drive they took in the 1890s because tires weren’t sophisticated. In those days, the re­pairs were made by the car owner, for the most part.

Back to Basics 1: Basic Tire Repair

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  • Jim

    Hi , on 12/7/17 at 0730 to 0810 I was behind truck # 90 for a long time coming out of Palmer Mass. onto the Mass pike and this driver refuses to use turn signals. We were on residential Palmer streets and onto the pike where he would be changing lanes and no turn signals. Not once. I believe that if he and people like him (or her) used their turn signals our roads would be a safer place to travel.

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