Falken is O.E. on Mercedes G wagon and Dodge Ram 1500

Whatever happened to rock stars?

Funny things happen when you start talking with dealers about Falken. Often they are very surprised to see the list of original equipment fitments this brand has managed to find their way onto. Add to this list the Mercedes Benz G-Class. Yes, Falken is now O.E. on the official SUV of rap stars and oligarchs. Google a list of celebrities that drive a G-Class and you’ll see names like Clifford ‘T.I.’ Harris (rapper/actor) Matt Kemp ($160 million baseball contract) Kylie Jenner (famous for ummm?) Matthew Hagg (professional video game player – what has the world come to?) Anyway, these are obviously fabulous people that we should all want to emulate by making millions with hip careers, gliding about in G-Class SUVs, while rolling on Falken tires to parties that they’re paid to attend. Good enough for G-Class, good enough for…

Dodge Ram 1500
I didn’t have to google Dodge Ram to know what the heck it is. Some of my friends even drive them. They’re made in MICHIGAN. USA. Anyway, if you buy a 2019 Ram and spec it with the ‘4×4 off-road package’, you’ll be tooling through the mud on Falken WILDPEAK AT3W tires because they’ve earned the EXCLUSIVE O.E. contract. You get the point – this Falken company is for real.

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