Internet Tire Education

“I read it online…” or “I’ve been doing my research…” Sound familiar? Our friend Andy Torres from Wilson Tire in Lebanon NH relays the following story: “I actually had a customer share this website with me thinking he was making an informed decision based on empirical data requesting the top ranked tire on this list. Interestingly, the Cooper Starfire RS-C 2.0 fell in at number 7 on this list, and also at number 3…” If your customers stumble across Auto Quarterly for their tire research, like Andy’s did, you’ll be in for some deprogramming. Apparently this bastion of higher learning does not know the difference between a wheel and a tire. But that doesn’t stop them from making specific recommendations. Here’s a sample quote: “your drive may not be as quiet in some cases. Why? After a couple of miles they may give off a bad vibration. If you increase your vehicle speed be prepared to experience a bit of shaking. And as time goes on the rattling sound may intensify—even after rotation.” And this is from one of their top 10 rated tires. For a good laugh and some general nonsense read their Top 10 tire reviews by clicking HERE.

I guess you have to figure that whatever consumers think they know, will need some exploring. And if you’re one of those that says, “I get them whatever they want…” well – they are your customers, you might need to protect them from themselves. Thanks Andy!

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