Credit Card Scam Update: Another Real Life Example (by Jeff Short)

Sometimes timing is everything.  I just received a nice thank you email from one of our customers.  He is giving credit to our May 19th credit card scam alert blog post for saving him from losing $3,200 to a phone-calling crook.

Doug Bouder of S-N-D Tire, Chambersburg PA received a call from someone asking him if he sold tires over the phone and would accept payment with a credit card.  Doug said that he could do this.  The caller then asked him to text pictures and pricing to him.  He started with one size, but that quickly led to a request of 4 to 5 sets.  When the caller mentioned that he would pick up the tires, something clicked in Doug’s mind.  He remembered our scam alert email.  Doug called a friend at another nearby shop who said they had actually been stung twice with the same scam.  Over the course of several phone calls, Doug noticed the phone numbers kept changing.  The first was a Maryland number, then Ohio, and the last call was using a Las Vegas number.  Doug reached out to his bank, who also cautioned against proceeding.

Doug said, “It’s amazing.  I read your email and then within 2 weeks I have one of these guys trying to scam me.  Thanks for saving me $3,200.  That’s real money for a guy like me.”

I thanked Doug for letting us know and giving me permission to share his story in the hope of helping more of our customers.  If you have had something like this happen to you, please let me know.

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